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  • Molly Weinfurter

Can I Walk My Lizard on a Leash?

I remember once I saw a man just walking down the street of a city with a pet carrier. I assumed it was a dog or cat, but when he stopped to take the animal out of the carrier, it was a huge lizard on a leash! I had never seen anything like it before, and as a kid, my immediate reaction was that I wanted a big pet lizard that I could take for walks.

No, I don’t have a pet lizard today (maybe one day), but I am fascinated with pet lizards. I think it’s amazing that some lizards are completely fine with being walked on a leash like a dog. I decided to look into this topic more to determine if it’s okay to walk lizards on leashes and to discover which lizard species are best for leash walking.

bearded dragon face up close

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Can I Get a Lizard Leash for My Pet?

Surprisingly, yes. You can walk lizards on leashes, and many of them seem to enjoy it. It can be a great way to provide them with exercise, mental stimulation, and sunlight. 

However, like with any pet, you should only do this activity if it seems to benefit them. If your lizard seems stressed or overwhelmed when you try walking them on a leash, it may do more harm than good. Sure, it’s cute to walk a lizard on a leash, but it’s not worth it if your pet isn’t having fun too.

How to Put on a Lizard Leash

Since lizards don’t have collars, their leashes aren’t like a dog leash. A lizard leash usually has an attached harness on the end that wraps around the lizard’s legs and prevents them from escaping. This video is a good example of how to put a bearded dragon leash on, but the exact instructions will vary based on the product you choose and your lizard species.

Best Lizard Species for Leashes

Technically, any lizard could be walked on a leash as long as the environment is safe, the lizard is comfortable, and you have a leash that fits your lizard’s size. However, the following lizard species are the ones that are walked on leashes the most.

Bearded Dragon

bearded dragon looking at human

Bearded dragons are one of the most popular pet lizards, and they’re also a lizard species commonly walked on a leash. They’re very sociable compared to other small pets, so they’re often more tolerant of being handled. As a result, many of these reptiles will enjoy a bearded dragon walking leash.


leopard gecko looking at owner

A gecko on a leash may not be as common as a bearded dragon, but many gecko owners have tried walking their lizards on a leash. Geckos are small and fast, so they need a leash that’s appropriate for their size. Leopard geckos and crested geckos are just a few popular gecko species that might do well on leashes.


young tegu lizard on person's lap

Tegus are large pet lizards, growing to about four feet long. I’m pretty sure the lizard I saw walking on a leash was a tegu. Many tegus love traveling and exploring, so if that’s the case for your lizard, you may want to get a tegu leash for them. However, due to their large size, a leash made for bearded dragons will likely be too small for them.


monitor lizard in enclosure

I know a lot of people think monitor lizards are just like scaly dogs because of Mrs. Kipling from the show Jessie, but that’s not the case. These large lizards won’t walk as easily as a dog, but it is possible to walk them on a leash. Just make sure your monitor on a leash is in a safe area that’s far from other people and pets.

Where to Take a Lizard on a Leash

The best place to walk a lizard on a leash is a quiet, relaxing area. Somewhere with lots of people, pets, and cars will likely be overwhelming for your pet and put them at a higher risk of danger. 

While it might seem cute to treat your lizard like a dog, it’s important to remember that your lizard isn’t a dog. They’re much smaller than dogs and behave differently. So, it’s easier for them to get stepped on or run away if you let go of the leash. Thus, you should walk your lizard in quiet, safe environments only and keep a secure grip on their leash at all times.

Where to Buy a Lizard Leash

You might be able to find a lizard leash at your local pet supply store, but since it’s a unique item, it’s much easier to find online. You could also try to make one yourself (check the frequently asked questions below for a video about a DIY lizard leash).

Below are a few lizard leash products you can buy online. Make sure the one you choose is the proper size and style for your lizard’s species before using it.

bearded dragon leash set

This is one of the best bearded dragon leash products I could find because it’s sized perfectly for a beardie. It’s a simple design that requires you to put your lizard’s legs through the two holes and tighten it around the back so it stays on. You can either hold the leash or use the clip to attach it to your belt loop. For a low price, you get a pack of three different sizes so you can make sure you use one that appropriately fits your lizard.

fluker's repta leash for lizards

If you have a pet lizard that isn’t a bearded dragon, you may want a wider selection of sizes. The Fluker’s Repta Leash has at least five different sizes so a variety of lizard species can use it. The lead is adjustable up to six feet long to make it comfortable to hold while your lizard walks. Like the above leash, this leash is simple to put on by sliding your lizard’s legs through the leg holes and tightening the harness around their back.

bearded dragon harness with wings

This lizard leash and harness set is perfect for walking your lizard in style. It comes with dragon-like wings that attach to the back of the harness so you can make your bearded dragon look like a real dragon. This product comes with a pack of three sets of varying sizes so you can easily figure out which one fits your pet best. 

lizard carrier and harness with wings

This product includes a leash and harness set with attached dragon wings, similar to the one above. However, this option is unique because it comes with a reptile carrier sling. Having a reptile carrier makes it easy to transport your lizard to new locations to walk. There are several sizes and colors available, but they seem mostly geared toward bearded dragons and lizards of similar sizes.

beaded lizard harness on plastic lizard

This colorful reptile leash is similar to one you would make at home using string and beads. It’s a simple design with a loop on the end that wraps around your lizard’s body and legs. It’s a good size for small to medium lizards, such as geckos and bearded dragons, but it may also work for small mammals, such as guinea pigs and rats. The lead is 5.5 feet long to give your lizard some room to roam. It’s also available in three colors: dark blue, light blue, and brown.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Put a Leash on a Lizard?

Yes, you can put a leash on most lizards, but it’s not recommended for all. Make sure your lizard enjoys exploring and interacting with you before you take them out of the house on a leash. If your pet seems anxious at any point, it’s best to bring them home just to be safe.

Can I Bring My Leashed Lizard to the Beach?

It depends on the beach. If the beach is pet-friendly, you can likely walk your lizard there, as long as the rules don’t specifically prohibit lizards. However, make sure the weather is ideal for your pet and ensure the beach isn’t too crowded with people.

How Do You Make a Lizard Leash?

All you need to make your own lizard leash is a sturdy piece of cable/string and some beads. Here’s a great video explaining how to do it. The video is for a bearded dragon, so a large lizard may need bigger and more durable materials for a leash.

Is a Lizard Leash a Good Idea for Your Pet?

A lizard on a leash is a unique and entertaining sight. There are always dogs out walking, so why can’t lizards get exercise too? Lizards aren’t like dogs at all, but some lizards enjoy walking on a leash. If you decide to get a lizard leash, make sure your lizard is comfortable walking on it, and only walk your lizard in quiet, calm places.


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