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What is Mutts About Pets?

Mutts About Pets is more than just an informational pet site. The goal is to help animal organizations while sharing beneficial pet content. Every time money is earned on this site, a portion of that profit will go to animals in need. 

This site is still new, but the goal is to one day make profit from affiliate links and ads. If you want to support this site's mission, please share some of the posts to help us reach more people. Also, check out our list of awesome animal organizations to find great places to donate to.


Thank you to everyone that has viewed Mutts About Pets!

Meet the face
behind the posts

Hi, I'm Molly Weinfurter, the founder of Mutts About Pets and the writer for all the posts. I have been working as a pet writer since 2018, writing for a variety of different animal-related sites. Then, one day, I thought, "what if I just made my own site?" So, this is me trying that out!

In addition to writing about dogs for many years, I do a lot of pet-related volunteering. I help out at a local pet rescue by fostering dogs and attending events. I also volunteer for Bailing Out Benji by educating about puppy mills, attending protests, and sorting through CVI data. Of course, I have some rescue pets of my own: a little dog named Mabel and an axolotl named Wooper.

To learn more about me and my other projects, visit my website.

Molly Weinfurter with dog
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