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  • Molly Weinfurter

7 Best Guinea Pig Litter Box Products

I have fostered guinea pigs before, and one of the most challenging parts of their care is cleaning up after them. They’re adorable little critters, but they’re also very messy and they constantly poop. So, a guinea pig litter box was a life-saver for me. While my foster guinea pigs weren’t 100% potty-trained, they started to figure it out, which led to their feces being mostly kept in one area of their enclosure.

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three guinea pigs on pink fleece

Can You Litter Box Train Guinea Pigs?

Yes, you can litter box train guinea pigs, but it takes a lot of patience and consistency. Here are a few tips for how to successfully potty train a guinea pig:

  • Set the litter box in the spot where your guinea pig relieves themselves most often.

  • Keep the litter box in a dark area of the enclosure (cover part of the enclosure with a blanket if needed).

  • Keep their food near their litter box so they can quickly get to the bathroom.

  • Make sure the litter box material is different from the rest of the enclosure’s floor.

  • Start by keeping some soiled litter in the box so they understand where to go.

  • Reward your guinea pig whenever you see them use the litter box.

With enough patience and consistency, your guinea pig should figure out where their bathroom spot is. However, guinea pigs are constantly eating and pooping (they can poop up to 100 times per day!), so you will likely experience some accidents now and then. Don’t scold your guinea pig if they have an accident. After all, it’s hard to always rush to the bathroom if you have to go that often.

Best Guinea Pig Litter Box Products

While fostering guinea pigs, I quickly learned that the popular corner litter boxes weren’t big enough for them. Those small litter boxes would fill up way too quickly and the guinea pigs weren’t crazy about them. Most guinea pig parents recommend large trays for litter boxes so there’s plenty of bathroom space.

Below are some of the best litter boxes for guinea pigs so you can set your small pets up for success when potty training.

large white guinea pig litter box

This guinea pig litter box is just a large 26”x13.5” pan. It’s perfect for potty training because it provides lots of space for your guinea pig to do their business. Guinea pigs prefer it if it’s filled with disposable litter, and the litter box can hold urine, feces, and fallen hay until it’s time to replace the litter. It’s a simple design, but it provides everything your guinea pig needs in a bathroom.

easy to clean guinea pig litter box

The design of this guinea pig litter box makes it easy to clean up. It has a mesh-like top with lots of holes that the poop can fall through. Then, when it’s time to clean it, you can remove the top and dump everything into the garbage. While that feature is convenient, some guinea pigs might not use this litter box because they don’t like the texture. Since the top layer has so many holes, you can’t put litter in it like you would with other litter boxes, so keep that in mind when making your decision.

small animal litter box with raised edges

This small animal litter box provides lots of space for you to put down litter that your guinea pig will feel comfortable in. It has raised edges so litter can’t spill over the sides. The raised edges can be removed if needed for easy cleaning. It provides a secure, open area for your pet to relieve themselves.

gray rabbit and guinea pig litter box

This litter tray is great for small animals because one side is lower than the others so your guinea pigs can easily access it. It’s available in either 20”x15” or 24”x20” sizes to provide lots of room for your furry friends. This design is simple and lightweight, making it ideal for any guinea pig enclosure

litter box for dogs, cats, and small pets

This litter box is big enough for cats and small dogs to use, but it can also work in a large guinea pig pen. It’s 30”x24”, so several guinea pigs can comfortably use it at once if needed. It’s made of heavy-duty materials that won’t crack, and one side is lower than the others for easy access. It might seem too big, but remember, the more litter box space your guinea pigs have, the easier it will be for them to do their business in the right place.

ferret and rabbit litter box with raised edges

This litter box is smaller than the other options (14” x 12”), so it’s best if you get at least two for your guinea pig enclosure. Many small pets love this litter box because it has easy access on one side with tall walls on the other sides. Thus, it’s a dark, secure place for your guinea pigs to do their business.

three litter boxes for senior cats

These litter pans are ideal for senior cats because the sides are short and easy to step into, but that makes them great for guinea pigs too. Each litter box is spacious (23”x16”) so your guinea pigs won’t have to feel cramped when relieving themselves. You can use all three litter boxes in one enclosure or you can set one or two of them aside as spares in case one breaks or needs a deep cleaning.

What to Put in a Guinea Pig Litter Box

The “litter” you put in your guinea pig’s litter box should be different than the material on the floor of their enclosure. For the enclosure's floor, I recommend lining it with fleece because it’s easy to remove and wash. Then, for the litter box, you can add a material like wood shavings or recycled paper pellets.

If the litter feels much different than the floor of your guinea pig’s enclosure, it’ll be easier for them to distinguish the regular floor from their bathroom.

Some pet product brands offer guinea pig litter products to make litter boxes easy to fill. Kaytee Premium Potty Training Critter Litter and Oxbow Eco Straw Pelleted Litter for Small Animals are just a few examples of great litter products for small mammals.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Should I Clean My Guinea Pig’s Litter Box?

You should spot clean the litter box and the area near it daily, but the litter only needs to be replaced every two to three days. In between replacements, it’s okay to remove some poop from the litter box, but keep some in there to remind your guinea pigs where the bathroom is.

Where Should I Put a Guinea Pig Litter Box?

Place a guinea pig litter box in a dark area of the enclosure near their food. That way, they have some privacy and can quickly run to their litter box after eating.

Can Multiple Guinea Pigs Use the Same Litter Box?

Guinea pigs thrive in pairs, so if the litter box is big enough, they can share. However, if you have enough space, you may want to include two litter boxes so each guinea pig can have privacy if they wish.

How Big Should a Guinea Pig Litter Box Be?

Your guinea pig’s litter box should be as large as possible while still leaving room for other products, such as hides, beds, and hay baskets. It should provide them ample room to move around. Corner litter boxes are often too small because your guinea pig can barely move around in them.

Can I Use a Wire-Bottom Litter Box for My Guinea Pig?

Wire-bottom litter boxes aren’t recommended for guinea pigs. They can hurt your guinea pig’s feet and many guinea pigs won’t want to relieve themselves on that material. Plastic alternatives to wire may work, but they’re still unappealing to most guinea pigs because you can't put litter on top, making it less comfortable.

A Guinea Pig Litter Box Can Make Cleaning Easier

Guinea pigs can make wonderful pets, but it’s no secret that they’re messy. Potty training your guinea pig can help you clean their urine and feces faster and more efficiently. 

Any of the guinea pig litter box products above can help you set up a bathroom area for your pet, but these aren’t the only options. If you have a large tray or container lying around, you may be able to repurpose it into a litter box too. As long as your guinea pigs have plenty of space to do their business, they’ll be content and more likely to learn where to relieve themselves.


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