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  • Molly Weinfurter

9 Best LGBTQ+ Pride Products for Pets

Mutts About Pets proudly supports the LGBTQ+ community. As much as I love Pride merch for humans, I think it’s even cuter when our pets have cute accessories with Pride flags on them. So, check out some of my favorite gay pride pet accessories so your furry friends can look stylish and supportive.

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Shih Tzu wearing LGBTQ+ Pride bandana

LGBTQ+ Pride Products for Dogs

Dogs may not be able to see all the colors of the rainbow, but that doesn’t mean they need to miss out on celebrating Pride. The following products are all excellent ways for your pooch to show their support for the LGBTQ+ community.

dog pride rainbow bandanas

If you love giving your dog adorable seasonal bandanas, then you can’t miss out on Pride month bandanas. While the month of June is the most popular time to wear these rainbow accessories, many pet parents like to show off their LGBTQ+ pride year-round.

This product comes with a set of two dog gay pride bandanas. The pictured bandanas have standard rainbow designs, but there’s also a pattern option with rainbow hearts. Pet parents can get these bandanas in three sizes so dogs of all breeds can show their support.

rainbow flower dog collar

If you want a more permanent LGBTQ+ dog accessory, consider an adorable pride collar like this one. This cotton collar has a stylish rainbow pattern with a removable rainbow flower for added glamor. There’s also a similar option with a bow instead of a flower.

These comfortable and durable collars come in five adjustable sizes to accommodate all dogs. The anti-rust, wear-resistant buckle makes it easy to take the collars on and off. A colorful collar like this is a great way to show off your dog’s vibrant personality while also showing support.

rainbow Pride flag dog collar

If you’re looking for a simpler LBGTQ+ dog collar, this one might do the trick. It’s a standard collar with a rainbow wrapping all the way around. There aren’t any flowers or bows attached that might bother your dog.

This collar comes in four adjustable sizes that are easy to take on and off with the quick-release buckle. The rainbow colors are very vibrant, so it’s perfect for any dog who loves to stand out and get lots of attention.

rainbow Pride flag dog leash

Dogs with rainbow collars might as well get rainbow leashes to match. This leash has a bold rainbow design that stretches all the way across it, matching perfectly with the above rainbow flag dog collar.

The leash is five feet long and made of durable polyester that’s difficult for dogs to rip. It’s a strong, colorful leash that’s perfect for pet parents to use during pride (or whenever else they feel like it). Traditional leashes like this one are much safer for you, your dog, and everyone around you than retractable leashes.

LGBTQ+ Pride Heart Dog Toy

Celebrating Pride is fun, so having a rainbow toy can help your dog get excited about it too. The pictured toy is a heart squeaky toy with the word “Pride” written on it. However, this brand offers other shapes too, such as a donut, bone, and champagne bottle.

These squeaky toys are more durable than the average plush dog toy. They’re backed with an internal mesh layer to help them withstand chewing (of course, no toy is 100% chew-proof though). Each toy comes in a small and a large size so you can choose one that’s appropriate for your pup.

LGBTQ+ Pride Products for Cats

Even though cats don’t leave the house as much as dogs, they can still get adorable Pride products. Here are a few great LGBTQ+ accessories for feline companions.

Rainbow catnip toy

Most cats love catnip, so this cute rainbow toy is filled with organically grown catnip. If you have a cat that goes crazy for catnip, they’ll fall in love with this colorful toy. This toy is made in the USA with 100% natural cotton twill that isn’t easily damaged by cat scratches. It’s a great way to bring a Pride product into your home while also keeping your cat happy.

rainbow string cat toy

Strings, ribbons, and anything similar catch the attention of most cats. Not only does a rainbow cat charmer stand out more than similar products, but it also looks like a Pride flag, making it perfect for supporting the LGBTQ+ community.

This toy includes a stick with a long piece of rainbow fabric on it. Like similar products, you can twirl it in front of your cat to encourage them to chase it. It’s a great toy for keeping your cat active and mentally stimulated. Plus, it’s made with non-toxic materials.

rainbow cat breakaway collars

Keeping a collar on your cat is a great way to prevent them from getting lost. It can hold their identification in case they escape your home. This pack of two collars has rainbow patterns that will look stylish on your furry friend. Each collar also has a bell so you can hear where your cat is in your home.

Some cat parents avoid using collars for safety reasons, but these are breakaway collars to keep your kitty protected. If the collar gets caught on something, the breakaway clip will open to prevent your cat from choking.

LGBTQ+ Pride bow cat collars

This is another set of two cat collars that break open if they get caught on something. Each collar also comes with a bow with rainbows on it for added style and a bell so you can keep track of your cat. Both the bows and bells are removable if needed. Your cat is sure to look adorable with these Pride-themed collars.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Pets Attend Pride Parades?

It depends on the parade. Some Pride Parades allow dogs, but it’s usually not recommended. Parades can be crowded and loud, which is overwhelming for most dogs. It’s usually safest to leave your pup at home.

Can Pets Attend PrideFest?

No, most PrideFest events don’t allow pets (with the exception of service dogs). There are lots of crowds and loud concerts at these events, so they’re often overwhelming and unsafe for pets.

Are There LGBT-Friendly Pet Organizations?

Yes, many animal organizations are also LGBT-Friendly because they care about supporting both pets and people. Bailing Out Benji, an organization I volunteer for, sometimes sells dog-themed Pride shirts. If you’re unsure if an organization is LGBT-friendly, you can ask them to decide if that’s an organization you want to support.

small dog under Pride flag

Celebrate Pride with Your Pet!

If you want to show your support for the LGBTQ+ community, there are plenty of pet Pride products that can help you do so. These toys, collars, and other products are adorable while also showing you care about people of all sexualities. While these make excellent gifts for Pride month, rainbows are stylish year-round.


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